CAPYARD - The Smart Customer Analytics Platform


Some of the salient features of Capyard

Customer Analytics

Life Cycle Analysis | Insights | Clustering and Segmentation | Behavior Analytics | Life Time Value (LTV) | Churn Prediction

Campaign Management

Campaign Calendar & Planning | Customer Micro Segment Based Offers | A/B Testing

Performance Management

Campaign Performance & Monitoring | ROI Calculation | Team Performance | Customer Engagement

Multi Channel Delivery

Email | SMS | Personal Contact |Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Introduction to Capyard


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About Capyard

Advanced Customer Analytics Platform
A complete customer analytics and engagement platform

Know your customers better using the advanced algorithms developed by Data Scientist with a more consumable visualization.

Segment, Filter Customers based on number of parameters including recency, frequency, monetary value of the customers along with their purchase behaviour and demographic information.

Communicate and engage with your customers through our multi channel promotional content delivery channel. Monitor Customer activities and with in-built A/B testing improve your offers and targeting.

  • Visual Analytics
  • Granular Filtering
  • Multi Channel Delivery
  • Campaign ROI


Easy to integrate industry specific solutions
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Financial Services

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Online & Land Based Gaming Companies
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Retail / E-commerce


Capyard is developed by the Think Tank at BizAcuity, A BI & Analytics Strategy Company.

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